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How to win the eCommerce race in Southeast Asia with commerce-in-the-cloud

25th April 2019

Buying clothes, groceries, electronics and in some cases, even houses and cars has moved online – fuelling the growth of eCommerce and bringing eCommerce and […]

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CrescoData’s Retail Calendar for 2019

19th December 2018

Here is a useful quarterly Retail Calendar we have compiled.  It features key holiday dates and global celebrations. We’ve also included festivals and events that […]

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How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Holiday Shopping Season

26th November 2018

SAP Hybris surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers who own in-house home assistants to get a sense of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered devices are being used […]

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White Paper: State of B2B Ecommerce in ANZ, Southeast Asia and India

21st November 2018

This is an interesting White Paper first published in September 2018 by Econsultancy Singapore. The research looks at the extent to which companies are seizing […]

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The changing retail industry in Singapore : How to survive Getting The Basics Right.

19th October 2018

The Singapore retail industry is facing challenging times. Retail sales are declining leaving more and more vacant spaces in the shopping malls. Consequently, this means […]

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Marketing Technology Lumascape

18th September 2018

Check out this LUMAscape series: the Marketing Technology LUMAscape. This latest landscape maps out two categories of software offerings: 1) Sales and Marketing software, and […]

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