Cresco Data and Muzaara partnership means more returns on your investment!

It’s now easier to create effective advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook than ever before for CrescoData’s eCommerce clients, thanks to a new partnership with Muzaara. Muzaara uses an intelligent algorithm to improve the retailer’s return on investment, and, now they have partnered with us here at CrescoData, there will be more opportunity than ever before to ensure our clients’ advertising campaigns are perfectly optimised.

Who are Muzaara?

Muzaara specialise in Google Product Listing Ad campaigns (Google PLA) and Facebook Dynamic Carousel campaigns, tailored individually to each and every client. Their intelligent algorithm means that these ad campaigns will automatically change depending on which advertisements are providing the most return on investment. Muzaara’s unique platform analyses important customer statistics such as CTR, ROI and CPC, which, in combination with the high quality optimised data provided by CrescoData, is sure to provide a perfectly targeted feed for all of our clients.

How do they do it?

Muzaara crunches the numbers for you, so rather than a lot of complicated data, you’re just faced with a simple visualisation of how your Facebook Dynamic Ads and Google Shopping ad campaigns are doing. Their smart-automation campaign management platform is updated constantly, too – this is a company that’s passionate about offering you the best when it comes to imaginative eCommerce solutions. In combination with the power already harnessed by CrescoData’s high quality product data feed creation and automation services, any business choosing us to promote their products is sure to not regret their decision.

Get ahead of the competition

There’s no need to hire a full-time PPC expert as many other businesses will choose to do. By enlisting the combined services of the CrescoData and Muzaara partnership, you’ll be saving money and company time. Whether you’re a new start-up business making your first foray into the world of eCommerce or you’re an established company that requires an enterprise-level campaign, we’ll be able to easily cater to your needs.

More versatile than ever before

Now Muzaara and CrescoData have joined forces as a partnership, our clients have access to expertise on more sites than ever before. Whilst our services are aimed specifically at those wishing to optimise their campaigns for Facebook audiences and those using Google shopping, the possibilities do not end there. CrescoData specialize in providing solutions for companies in South-East Asia and beyond, ensuring product data feeds on other ad channel and marketplaces are completely up to date. With the back catalogue of experience both Muzaara and CrescoData have under their belt, our clients are sure to get the best expertise available, no matter what their requirements.

For more information about the Muzaara CrescoData partnership and how our companies stand to help you promote your products or improve the accuracy of your data feed, contact us today. We’re excited about the potential for working together with Muzaara in the future to provide an all-encompassing eCommerce optimization service.