TOP 8 Industry Trends 2018

5 Ways to Boost Online Visibility Using Google

Are you looking to increase your brand’s online visibility? If you want to reach a bigger audience and increase your sales, your products need to be visible online. One of the many ways to increase exposure of your business is through search-engine optimization. You need to analyze what people are looking for on Google and […]

Amazon Australia is launching soon. The big marketplace change down under

What should sellers be aware of? Amazon will potentially take a big bite of the retail market in Australia – a AU$12 billion big bite, based on an estimation some retailers are starting to get concerned about the market change. One way in which Amazon will probably take a percentage of e-commerce businesses is by […]

Cresco Data and Muzaara partnership means more returns on your investment!

It’s now easier to create effective advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook than ever before for CrescoData’s eCommerce clients, thanks to a new partnership with Muzaara. Muzaara uses an intelligent algorithm to improve the retailer’s return on investment, and, now they have partnered with us here at CrescoData, there will be more opportunity than ever […]

Lazada is up to the challenge.