Why dirty product data will cost millions in revenue

As the e-commerce war in Southeast Asia heats up between platforms like ‘Alizada’, Pomelo and Zalora, brands hosted across these online malls have a challenge of their own. They might be sitting at the front door of a market with the highest mobile penetration in the world, but the window shopping needs to be made easy.product-data

In the brick and mortar world, that means pulling a SS/17 pencil skirt over a mannequin. In the online market with millions of customers actively hunting for products in real time, this equates to clean product descriptions, data mapping and synchronisation anywhere the product is displayed live. If this type of information is inconsistent or logged incorrectly — also known as ‘dirty data’ — customers won’t
be able to find the item and they will move on. In fact, an optimised product detail page is the new content marketing since clean data improves search rankings.
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