Successfully Displaying your Products on 3rd party websites

For most retailers, promoting your products on 3rd party websites is a necessary demand generation tool. Find it, and they will come! But the reality is that making your products searchable and attractive vs. the competition is easier said than done. The quantity and quality of your leads are heavily reliant on the quality of your product data and the relevance to the 3rd party site.

The good news is that you will find success if you follow these 4 stages:

1. The ‘Get’ Stage

getting-product-infoThis involves procuring high quality, automated data. During my 14 years in online retail, I have seen all
sorts of data sources; the bigger and older the company, the more legacy systems and dependencies a marketer is faced with. Many marketers put the process of sourcing a feed into the ‘too hard’ basket simply because of the no. of systems and teams they need to work around. A younger company benefits from being more dynamic, yet may lack the IT or financial resources to be able to create the feed themselves.

At CrescoData, we have implemented solutions to support all ends of the spectrum – from integration of multiple, disparate data sources to simple website crawling. The key for you to know is that, done the right way, this stage can be quick, cost effective and scalable.

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