data feed optimization

What are the challenges to provide high-quality data feeds via data feed optimisation?

Any company working within the retail space uses data feeds. Not everyone might be aware of the term but a data feed is simply a list of product attributes. When products are published on a local marketplace with only a smaller webpage, these data feeds can often be in varying formats. Anything from text files or Excel files to fully fledged APIs are used. As long as these products live inside the small marketplace or inside a single platform, the format, provided details and consistency is not as relevant.

However, when these feeds are published to marketplaces or comparison shopping websites, then they need to be a certain standard to ensure all details are provided and that the product is displayed as expected. This will provide the best user experience to end users and therefore ensure the most traffic is sent back to the retailer or smaller marketplace.

DFO (data feed optimisation) is used to ensure that the feed follows all the rules and contains all required data for the marketplace to accept and display the products correctly.
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